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Board of Directors

Our Governing Board serves as the voice of the people in North Central Kansas.

The 27-member, volunteer group includes publicly elected officials, private sector interests, and people democratically selected by low-income people in our service area.
Interested in joining Community Action as a Board member? Click here for more information on you can become a voice for low-income people.
  • Joe  Hoytal – President

    • Greg DeBacker – Vice President

    • Jennifer Sexson – Treasurer

    • John Christensen – Secretary


  • Greg DeBacker – City of Topeka At Large

  • Jennifer Sexson – City of Topeka At Large

  • Chris Perry – City of Topeka At Large

  • Jonathan Schumm – City of Topeka At Large

  • Thea Parks – Shawnee County At Large

  • Megan Shepard –  City of Topeka

  • Josephine Flowers-Salehar – Shawnee County At Large

  • Terry Iles – Shawnee County At Large

  • Kristina Chouinard – Rural Communities At Large

  • Mary Thomas – Topeka/Shawnee County Community Resources Council

  • Jim Kenyon – AFL-CIO Topeka Federation of Labor

  • Curtis Sneden – Topeka Chamber of Commerce

  • Theresa Douthart – Valeo Behavioral Health Care

  • Irma Soto – Community Action Head Start Policy Council

  • Dr. Harriett Johnson – Topeka Chapter of the Links, Inc.

  • Stacie Torrez – Mana de Topeka

  • John Christensen – Interfaith of Topeka

  • Katrina McGivern – Health Interests

  • Oliver Green – City of Topeka, Representing Mayor De La Isla

  • Brett Kell – City of Topeka, representing Karen Hiller

  • Lt. John Trimble – City of Topeka, representing Mike Padilla

  • Rosa Cavazos – Elected Education Representative

  • Manny Herron – City of Topeka, representing Sandra Clear

  • Christie Appelhanz – State/Federal, Representing John Alcala

  • Erma Forbes – Shawnee County, Representing Commissioner Kevin Cook

  • Joe Hoytal – Shawnee County, Representing Commissioner Bill Riphahn

  • VACANT – Shawnee County, Representing Commissioner Bob Archer

  • Mary Stauffer – Rural Government At Large

  • Ron Loomis – Rural Government At Large