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Updated April 8, 2020

Q: What is the CapFed® Community Care Station?
A: The CapFed® Community Care Station is a temporary, pop-up facility at 29th and Wanamaker in Topeka, KS. The Station is coordinated by Community Action. It provides a way for Topeka-area non-profits to provide direct economic and human service supports while restricting one-on-one, physical interactions between customers and providers during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Q: Who can get help at the CapFed® Community Care Station?
A: The target population is Shawnee-County area residents from lower-income households and those households that have experienced job loss or significant income loss due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Q: What is available at the CapFed® Community Care Station?
A: An appointment is necessary to receive support through or use the Care Station. Through drive-through appointments, customers can complete applications for any of Community Action’s supports, including rent, utility and other basic needs assistance. Customers can also make application for WeTopeka Essentials Home Delivery Service, and, receive formal referrals for other Topeka-area social services. Appointments can also be made to access a private office suite to use internet-equipped computers for video meetings with case managers, counselors, therapists, Kanas Legal Services attorneys and more. Some providers of goods, like food, diapers, and other basic needs items, will be using the Care Station as a safe drop-off and pick-up site. If a pick-up is available for you, your provider will let you know.

Q: How can I get an appointment at the CapFed® Community Care Station?
A: Call 785-836-4500 or email Calls and emails will be answered in the order received. We will try to respond within 24 hours. Calls may not come in from the same phone number shown above; customers are highly encouraged to answer incoming calls and/or check voice mail frequently.

Q. Can any social service agency use the CapFed® Community Care Station to take applications or arrange meetings with customers?

A. We want to collaborate with you! Call Tawny Stottlemire or Tiffany Jarvis at (785) 836-4500 to talk about how we can work together.

Q. What do I have to do to use the computers and internet at the CapFed® Community Care Station?

A. Call us at (785) 836-4500 to discuss your need and see if an appointment time is available. Computer station use is restricted to individuals without other access to the internet or devices needed to complete job applications, meet with another social or human service provider, or fulfill educational testing requirements.

Q. Is there a charge to use the CapFed® Community Care Station?
A. No. Customers can make use of the Care Station at no cost. Non-profit human service providers are also invited to schedule use of the facility at no cost. Community Action and our sponsoring partners, particularly Capitol Federal, are paying for the costs associated with running and equipping the CapFed Community Care Station.

Q. Is the CapFed® Community Care Station safe from the Coronavirus?
A. All staff and guests are required to follow strict safety, screening and disinfecting protocols. We are working hard to keep the Care Station virus-free. That having been said, no one can guarantee a facility or individual is safe from the coronavirus. The virus is easily spread and the best protection against infection is to remain physically isolated until our public health officials indicate it is safe to return to public life.

Q. How can I help Community Action with the CapFed® Community Care Station?
A. There are several ways you can help our community make the most out of this innovative and collaborative work. Call (785) 836-4500 or email to learn more. Currently, the CapFed® Community Care Station needs:
• Food donations
• A commercial-sized refrigerator/cooler
• New, boxed diapers, all sizes
• New, unopened baby wipes
• Fuel and grocery gift cards in $5, $10, $25 and $50 denominations
• Cash donations to help families meet unforeseen needs such as car repairs, specialized work and protective equipment, emergency/crisis housing, childcare, and, burial expenses.
• $1,000+ monthly sponsors to underwrite supply and operational costs for the CapFed® Community Care Station