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Meet Rickey

Rickey, Rose and Angie already knew the benefits of weatherization.  Their house had been weatherized by Community Action in 2009 and they had been seeing the benefits since.  But in early 2016, they began smelling gas in the house.  The local fire department came to investigate and discovered the water heater itself was bad, as well as the gas line running to it.  For safety, the fire department shut off gas to the water heater and suddenly they were faced with having no hot water in the house.

Living on a fixed monthly income, they couldn’t come up with the money to replace the water heater and gas line. And because of the location of the house – situated in a flood plain – they couldn’t qualify for the local City program that many folks utilize for these types of repairs, so once again they turned to Community Action.  The condition and situation allowed Community Action’s weatherization assistance program to revisit the home to determine how it might help.

In addition to installing a new water heater and gas lines, the energy audit approved several air sealing measures, which reduced air infiltration by approximately 25%.  Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were installed as health and safety measures, combustion air tubes were installed to allow the water heater and furnace to operate safely, and a hose bib that was leaking into the furnace room was repaired.

Rickey said they were very relieved to know they didn’t have to worry about gas leaks anymore and were happy to have hot water to bathe in again.  Rickey was very appreciative of the work and thanked Community Action and the weatherization program for being there in their time of need.

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