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Meet Ricky


Ricky was 18 months old when he was diagnosed with a severe childhood respiratory illness. He was referred to Children’s Mercy in Kansas City for treatment, and the expense of hospital bills and traveling out of town began to take a toll on his family.

Not only was Ricky’s family facing the uncertainty of his illness, they were also expecting another child. Ricky was going to become a big brother. A normally joyous occasion, his family feared the worst after receiving an eviction notice. Now, his family was faced with the daunting task of finding a safe place for Ricky and his baby brother to live, with the impending fear of not having funds to do so.

After seeking help from Community Action’s rental assistance services, Ricky and his family were able to keep their lights on, and were able to stay in their home.

Despite the obstacles, Ricky’s treatment had progressed and was well on his way to recovery, and is now receiving treatment in Topeka, alleviating the family from traveling expenses and time off from work.


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