The Community Action Way

Partner Services

Customers begin their Community Action journey by visiting with a member of our Partner Services Team.  Our team members are the family’s “partner” in accessing supports and assistance.  Got a question?  Call your Community Action Partner.  Need to turn in paperwork?  Talk with your Community Action Partner.  Got rent assistance last month and want to talk about applying for Weatherization this month?  Call your Community Action Partner.  Partners take the journey with our customers and help navigate the paperwork, appointments and other details.  They know how to access any support from Community Action and can also seamlessly connect customers with supports outside of Community Action.

Our Way means putting customers in charge of their lives and focusing on the strengths in each household.

Our Way means providing guidance and service that reduces trauma and embraces the diversity and differences in each person.

Our Way means building a relationship that helps families move from poverty toward prosperity

Our Services

Community Action offers numerous services including early childhood education, rental housing, income tax preparation, and much more. Connect with us today to see which services will benefit you.

For Children

Here at Community Action, we provide Head Start and Early Head Start for children ages 2 weeks – 5 years old. Our program provides nutritious meals, utilizes the Conscious Discipline model, and the program is cost free for our families.

Developments in neuroscience over the last two decades have revealed that an extraordinary amount of brain development occurs before age 5 and children living in poverty are at high risk for exposure to stressors that can undermine their future learning and health.

Head Start and Early Head Start provide quality learning, health and social-emotional supports for children during this vulnerable stage of life.

Head Start and Early Head Start Program is a comprehensive child development service for infants, toddlers and pre-kindergarten children in Shawnee County and the eastern part of the USD 501 school district. Early Head Start serves ages birth to 3 and Head Start is available for children 3 and 4 years old.

We offer full-day services where children can experience quality pre-school learning and socialization, and receive important health and nutritional services. Families benefit from no-cost, quality care, more confident parenting, and, attention to meeting the needs of both the child and overall family.


Early Head Start Ages
– Infants and toddlers up to 3 years old
Head Start Ages
– Children age 3 or 4 years on their first day of class


Automatic Qualifiers: Children from families receiving public assistance (TANF or SSI), or who are Foster Children, are eligible for Early Head Start and Head Start services regardless of family income.

Household Income: Most Head Start and Early Head Start spaces are reserved for households with income at or below the Federal Poverty Level.  Limited space may be available for families with incomes up to 130% FPL.

For Family

We believe in a Whole Family Approach and recognize that families come in all different shapes and sizes and that families define themselves. See below for a list of family supports.

Our Elderly Services program provides support that help senior adults maintain their personal independence and health. We primarily target lower-income adults, 60 years of age and older.

Tailored to fit the specific needs of individuals, Elderly Services may include (but are not limited to):

  • Delivery of monthly surplus foods and commodities to homebound urban and rural seniors in Shawnee and Wabaunsee Counties
  • Emergency assistance with rent and / or utility payments
  • Provision of free Liquid Nutrition supplies
  • Provision of free Durable Medical Goods (such as walkers, 4-legged canes, shower stools, etc.)
  • Referrals and assistance with completing applications for other programs and services, such as Holiday Meal Baskets, Low-Income Energy Assistance Program, Food Assistance (“Food Stamps”), Prescription Drug Assistance, Medicare, and more
  • Free Income Tax preparation services
  • Spanish Translation services

Over the past year, between February and April, Peggy’s Tax and Accounting has partnered with Community Action to assist Topeka residents with annual income tax preparation. The service is provided free of charge. Trained preparers help area residents sort through new tax laws and regulations, complete all necessary forms, and ensure personal taxes are filed on time. The service also focuses on maximizing returns and helping qualified households access tax benefits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. Most returns can be e-filed. Refunds arrive between 8-15 days. Spanish translation services for tax preparation are available too.

Our mobile food pantry provides food boxes to low-income individuals once  month in Auburn and Rossville. To see if you qualify, call 785-836-4500.

Community Action offers a mobile camera and printer that produces the identification badge necessary to purchase reduced pass fares from Topeka Metro. For more information call 785-836-4500.

For Home

Every individual deserves to live in safe and affordable housing. Community Action offers several different opportunities for improving your family’s home.

Community Action’s Rental Housing Program provides quality, safe and affordable housing to families with lower-incomes. The program includes single-family homes in Topeka, duplexes in Meriden, and apartments in Clay Center.

• Affordable rent
• Provided maintenance
• Monthly inspection to make sure everything is working correctly
• Professionalism and respect from our staff
• A place to call “Home”

Community Action also operates a Permanent Supportive Housing project in Topeka in cooperation with Valeo Behavioral Health Care.

Contact Community Action at 785-836-4500 for more information.

Our Weatherization Assistance Program improves the safety and energy efficiency of homes occupied by families with low-incomes. Our staff use the latest, advanced technologies and proven approaches to address the entire home; including interior and exterior structure, heating and cooling systems, the electrical system, and electricity consuming appliances. Our inspectors perform a safety check on each home to ensure occupants are safe from harmful things such as carbon monoxide, damp crawlspaces, or leaky plumbing or appliances. Measures that may be installed include attic and wall insulation, foundation insulation, air-sealing around windows, doors and any other areas that leak air, and furnace repair or replacement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Weatherization is not an emergency repair or replacement program. if your appliance has gone out, our staff may be able to give you phone numbers to emergency repair or replacement programs.

Currently homeless individuals may be eligible for assistance with Rapid Re-housing. Income eligibility varies based on the requirements of different funding partners. Applicants must have already identified a rental property in Shawnee County, and, must demonstrate sufficient income to sustain the rental contract after Community Action provides assistance. Qualified applicants must not have received similar assistance from Community Action or another social service provider within the past 12 months. Supports offered will depend on each customer’s needs and the availability of funding received by Community Action. Potential ways Rapid Re-housing can help include payment of first month’s rent, security deposit, utility deposit(s), and, certain utility arrears payment(s). If homelessness has been caused by a COVID-related circumstance, Community Acton may be able to help with up to 6 months of rent.

The Customer Journey


Connect with Community Action via online, phone call, or on location.


Your Community Action Partner will ensure you receive the proper attention needed for each service provided.


Every individual receives a comprehensive assessment to match them with the correct services.


Each customer journey is unique. We make sure to track your progress every step of the way.

Ready to start your journey?