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What is Community Action?

Community Action, Inc., is a locally controlled, private, non-profit organization.  We are part of America’s poverty fighting network.

Our Mission

Helping people move from poverty toward prosperity through economic, social, and policy opportunities.

Our Vision

The North Central and North East region of Kansas is a place where poverty’s persistence and impacts are measurably diminished; where individuals and families are successful in escaping from and staying out of poverty; and where communities reap the benefits of a civically engaged, economically viable society. Community Action is a recognized, trusted and thriving leader in the fight against poverty.

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CAI-Logo-Heart-webWe Fight Poverty

Community Action Agencies are private non-profit or public organizations that were initially created in 1964 by the federal government, through partnerships with local communities, to combat poverty in geographically designated areas. Today, status as a “Community Action Agency” is the result of an explicit designation by local or state government. There are over 1,000 Community Action Agencies nationwide. Our organization, Community Action, Inc., covers 20 Kansas counties.

We Are Governed by the People

Each Community Action Agency has a volunteer board of directors that gives voice to the needs of local people and communities, advocates for appropriate policies and programs, and provides accountability for the private and public dollars that support the agency’s work. By law, a Community Action Agency’s governing board includes representatives from three parts of area served: elected public officials, the private business and social sector, and, of particular importance, low-income residents.

We Advocate, Mobilize and Serve

A Community Action Agency carries out its anti-poverty mission by developing partnerships and providing resources that help people and communities thrive.

  • Agencies like ours offer a wide variety of direct services that help people improve their own lives. To learn more about direct services available through Community Action, Inc., visit our “I’m Looking for Help ,” or “I Want to Help” pages for more program specifics, or just give us a call and we will be happy to help.
  • Community Action Agencies rely on strong and innovative community partnerships to maximize resources and coordinate community and individual prosperity.
  • At Community Action, Inc., we understand how important policy work done in Washington, Topeka, and in local government settings is to the opportunities everyday people have for escaping from and preventing poverty in our midst. That’s why we combine our direct service approach with active advocacy efforts on issues that impact us all.

Want to Know More?

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